Who is matthew bellamy dating

The Texas-born beauty let her blonde locks flow loosely in beachy waves and appeared to go make-up free, as she proudly displayed her sunkissed complexion.Her beau was considerably more covered up in a pair of grey shorts, striped t-shirt, black flip-flops and dark sunglasses.

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Leggy Elle, who found fame by starring in the raunchy Blurred Lines video alongside Robin Thicke, flaunted her toned figure in a tiny pair of bright white shorts and a girly pink bikini top with frilly detailing.Known for his eccentric stage persona, he is the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist as well as the principal songwriter of the English rock band named ‘Muse.’ Along with the band, Bellamy has released a total of seven studio albums so far in his career.The band’s debut studio album 'Showbiz' was an average commercial success and reached No. The band gained more popularity over the years, especially after the release of their hit albums such as 'Absolution' and 'The 2nd Law'.Matt and Elle have been dating since April, but they are clearly still in the honeymoon period and the throes of early romance.It seems that the British musician might have a "type" as Elle has been likened to his former flame.