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: PProps to The Last Guy though, shoutout for you homie..you to hiryu3.

: D I had so many unplayed games, been knocking them out one by one.

She won the 0.00 gift certificates from Small Business Saturday!

I have looked around the web but could not find anything really useful.

Last thing we need is a leaderboard full of fake trophy cards.

I think what hurt The Last Guy is that he accepted all trophy counts, which was A LOT of work. As far as a thread for Names, that's fine, but for actually the leaderboard, it may be easier to have some sort of cutoff.

Plus this way the races could last longer than just the first couple days the game is released and people could keep trying to get the platinum in shorter and shorter times. Get your card then post the provided link in your signature on here.

Congrats on that Warhawk Platinum -Rinder-, that's pretty awesome.