Ukrayna camchat

It is a prize for successful matchmaking services of the agency.

The first pair of letters (letter to lady and her reply) is free of charge for a man (these first letters are the most important and they give the first best impressions).

If letter consists of more than one page, you should pay for every page.

The confirmation pictures when a lady gets email costs .

Meetings that are arranged and scheduled should be paid upfront, if the meeting for some reason did not happen your funds will be returned.

The letter that has a size of one page (MS Word, Open Office etc.) or less of Arial 12 font costs . – Kept Tori from Journey to A New Me company while she rocked an almost 5 …Below we present information and details on the services, prices and policies provided.You might also want to read our Terms and conditions and Frequently asked questions to get a complete picture of our conditions. Address your requests to [email protected] want to meet women from our agency, we can arrange it for you.Please welcome to our office for a cup of coffee and take a look at the ladies pictures catalogue and get a personal advice from our manager.