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What is love like in three of the largest and most fabulous cities in the world? Our surveys are short and sweet-sharing is caring, so don’t be shy! Online dating is the predominant way that people meet today, and while it’s easy to hide any flaws in photos you post to your online dating profile, there will come a day when you meet face to face with a potential mate.Our children are becoming our parents — or trying to. And many of us don’t like what feels like an uncomfortable invasion of our privacy.They are, in their own ways, watching over us, asking (at times aggressively) the very same questions we asked them, the very same questions our parents asked us many years ago. Those questions we felt obligated to ask as good, responsible parents are coming back to haunt us.Most online dating sites permit you to post multiple photos of yourself so you can show yourself in the best light in various situations.If your teeth are nowhere to be seen in any of them, or if you’re grimacing or not smiling, potential partners will pass right by you, believing you’re grumpy, sad, boring, or simply have something to hide (bad teeth or otherwise).

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According to this survey, things like the amount of money or education a person has is of little significance to a potential partner. You might think that “nice smile” is enough to make a good first impression, but if the smile is littered with broken-down, stained, and crooked teeth, you’ll make the wrong kind of first impression.

You already know if you have bad teeth – aren’t you self-conscious about them and how they make you look, how others perceive you because of your teeth?

A beautiful, white, straight smile makes you look smarter, wealthier, more competent, healthier, and a new smile will even make you look younger.

If you’re single and dating in Los Angeles, NYC or London, we want to hear from you!

We want to know what dating is really like in your city, from what you look for in a date and your favorite date locations, to how many times you’ve had your heartbroken and more!