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But when we give ourselves to another before marriage, sex becomes something else altogether. I mean, on the outside it seems like a lot of fun to have sex and to flirt with feelings of lust. Gods desire is for single people, young and old is to remain sexually and emotionally pure for marriage.When young couples go into marriage with such purity and anticipation for one another, the marriage thrives.To find out what Gods plan is for you in the romance department, read our new ebook How To Prepare For a Rock Solid Marriage! Having observed a number of attractive, accomplished women struggling to find spouses—a phenomenon many in the church have noticed as well—Birger wondered: What if the hookup culture on today’s college campuses and the wild ways of the big-city singles scene have little to do with changing values and a whole lot to do with lopsided gender ratios that pressure 19-year-old girls to put out and discourage 30-year-old guys from settling down?He attributes the “man deficit” to a number of factors. Custom CMS block displayed at the left sidebar on the Catalog Page.

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God wants our emotions to follow our lead, not lead our lives.

This messaging is pervasive within the church, even if it’s unintentional.

Despite this—and perhaps precisely because of this—the church single women in ministry.

With the increasing number of singles in the church (some reports say over half of adults are now single), we need single women to advocate for other singles, share their experiences, and model healthy singleness.

Plus, single or not, we all gain by hearing and learning from the experiences of single women.