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The flow from 47 clustered hot springs currently serves two historic spas, the Buckstaff and the Quapaw, both on Bathhouse Row, a collection of architecturally significant structures built early in the last century.This region is also notable for having perhaps the first mining operation in what is now the United States.Margi Jenks, park interpreter, explained: Diamonds are remnants of carbon dioxide pockets from when our planet formed.

Back in the Cambrian Era, when the Ozarks were beachfront property, countless marine organisms collected in the shallows of an ancient ocean that would in time become the Gulf of Mexico.Each year tourists like you and me unearth hundreds of diamonds, including some of the largest and most perfect ever found.And what exactly are diamonds doing in an Arkansas field?So in the interest of science we traveled three hours south to the Ouachita range to visit another Arkansas geologic phenomenon, Hot Springs National Park.Here we soaked in spring water warmed by geothermal heat at depths of as much as 8,000 feet; radiocarbon-dating suggests the water may be up to 4,400 years old.