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The two were well-known wanted criminals during a two year period of robbery and murder until their death in 1934 in Gibson, Louisiana.

(Photo via Getty Images)WASHINGTON, : This image shows a television broadcast at the US Justice Department in Washington DC, 02 October 2002, of Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson (L) announcing, during a press conference, that former Enron Chief Financial Officer Andrew S.

Investigation, clearing, and rescue work continues on the site of the 11 September nation's worst terrorist attack.

(Photo credit ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)Sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad (Seated-L) watches as fellow sniper suspect Lee Boyd Malvo, wearing an orange jumpsuit, is identified in court during his trial in courtroom 10 at the Virginia Beach Circuit Court October 20, 2003 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Fastow (L) has been charged with fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

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Her husband refused to drink it, but Bibi's mother-in-law later spotted the tainted beverage and used it to make lassi, a traditional yogurt-based drink, which she then served to 27 people.

Both Bibi and her lover face charges over the incident.

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Bhawal Mengal told “The bullying tactics of Pakistan are an attack on freedom of expression.

They are an anti-democratic bid to censor the voice of the Baloch people and cover up the war crimes of the Pakistan army in Balochistan. “Pakistan’s aggressive reaction is a bare-faced attempt to intimidate the UK government and Baloch human rights defenders.