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‘If I want to get up at 5am and run through the fields with no shoes on, I can. I like space to think.’Paul, you see, thinks a lot.He’s in the middle of his third and final autobiography which, he says, has forced him to ‘dig deep’ into the truth about himself. That’s when I said, “Lily’s going.” Because he’d always been here with Lily. Don’t be hanging round.” And off he went.’A year after Murphy’s death Paul suffered a near-fatal heart attack, his second in four years.They may experience specific physical symptoms such as trembling, rapid breathing, sweating or blushing. Sufferers tend to be very self-conscious and worried about whether others might be evaluating them negatively.They tend to ruminate over past social incidents, worrying about how they might have come across.‘Watching Coronation Street was like watching the inner workings of the lives of people we knew.’ Today, he has three dogs, two pigs, countless chickens and ducks, an owl and a sheep that thinks it’s a dog and wanders into the kitchen at his Kent farmhouse.He now shares his life with former ballet dancer Andre, but continues to live alone.It might feel like it sometimes, but you are not alone....

The show is a trip back through 50 years of the Street, revisiting momentous events and iconic characters along with song-and-dance routines, and Paul is hosting the whole shebang.

'Regular' social anxiety is known to all of us as an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness.

Many people have particular worries about social situations like public speaking or talking to authority figures, or experience more general feelings of shyness or a lack of confidence.

Because social anxiety issues are still relatively unknown amongst the wider public, most aren"t even aware that the thing which can have such a huge impact on their lives has a name.

The three main aims of this site are to provide a of SA problems and campaign for change, so that in future, people afflicted by them don"t have to suffer in silence as so many of us have done in the past.