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This list specifies the port used by the server process as its contact port. The IANA registers uses of these ports as a convenience to the community. Higgins vpad 1516/tcp Virtual Places Audio data vpad 1516/udp Virtual Places Audio data vpac 1517/tcp Virtual Places Audio control vpac 1517/udp Virtual Places Audio control vpvd 1518/tcp Virtual Places Video data vpvd 1518/udp Virtual Places Video data vpvc 1519/tcp Virtual Places Video control vpvc 1519/udp Virtual Places Video control # Avshalom Houri ingreslock 1524/tcp ingres ingreslock 1524/udp ingres orasrv 1525/tcp oracle orasrv 1525/udp oracle prospero-np 1525/tcp Prospero Directory Service non-priv prospero-np 1525/udp Prospero Directory Service non-priv pdap-np 1526/tcp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv pdap-np 1526/udp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv # B.

Horton August 2005 bv-queryengine 3989/tcp Bind View-Query Engine bv-queryengine 3989/udp Bind View-Query Engine bv-is 3990/tcp Bind View-IS bv-is 3990/udp Bind View-IS bv-smcsrv 3991/tcp Bind View-SMCServer bv-smcsrv 3991/udp Bind View-SMCServer bv-ds 3992/tcp Bind View-Directory Server bv-ds 3992/udp Bind View-Directory Server bv-agent 3993/tcp Bind View-Agent bv-agent 3993/udp Bind View-Agent # David A.

Beach January 2003 asdis 2192/tcp ASDIS software management asdis 2192/udp ASDIS software management # ASDIS Support November 2004 onehome-remote 2198/tcp One Home Remote Access onehome-remote 2198/udp One Home Remote Access onehome-help 2199/tcp One Home Service Port onehome-help 2199/udp One Home Service Port # Jim Herman August 20/tcp ICI ici 2200/udp ICI # Brent Hines ats 2201/tcp Advanced Training System Program ats 2201/udp Advanced Training System Program # (Need contact info) imtc-map 2202/tcp Int.

Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium imtc-map 2202/udp Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium # Pat Galvin February 2002 comotionmaster 2261/tcp Co Motion Master Server comotionmaster 2261/udp Co Motion Master Server comotionback 2262/tcp Co Motion Backup Server comotionback 2262/udp Co Motion Backup Server # Friedman Wagner-Dobler March 2006 apx500api-1 2264/tcp Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 1 apx500api-1 2264/udp Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 1 apx500api-2 2265/tcp Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 2 apx500api-2 2265/udp Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 2 # Robert Wright, Founder and Principal Engineer, Audio Precision Inc.

Diaz August 2002 gtrack-server 3591/tcp LOCANIS G-TRACK Server gtrack-server 3591/udp LOCANIS G-TRACK Server gtrack-ne 3592/tcp LOCANIS G-TRACK NE Port gtrack-ne 3592/udp LOCANIS G-TRACK NE Port # Juergen.

Edelhaeuser September 2002 quasar-server 3599/tcp Quasar Accounting Server quasar-server 3599/udp Quasar Accounting Server # Brad Pepers September 2002 trap-daemon 3600/tcp text relay-answer trap-daemon 3600/udp text relay-answer # John Willis October 2002 sharp-server 3617/tcp ATI SHARP Logic Engine sharp-server 3617/udp ATI SHARP Logic Engine # Bill Reveile aairnet-1 3618/tcp AAIR-Network 1 aairnet-1 3618/udp AAIR-Network 1 aairnet-2 3619/tcp AAIR-Network 2 aairnet-2 3619/udp AAIR-Network 2 # James Mealey October 2002 ep-pcp 3620/tcp EPSON Projector Control Port ep-pcp 3620/udp EPSON Projector Control Port ep-nsp 3621/tcp EPSON Network Screen Port ep-nsp 3621/udp EPSON Network Screen Port # SEIKO EPSON October 2002 cs-remote-db 3630/tcp C&S Remote Database Port cs-remote-db 3630/udp C&S Remote Database Port cs-services 3631/tcp C&S Web Services Port cs-services 3631/udp C&S Web Services Port # Computer Software Gmb H October 2002 distcc 3632/tcp distributed compiler distcc 3632/udp distributed compiler # Martin Pool January 2003 abatemgr 3655/tcp Active Batch Exec Agent abatemgr 3655/udp Active Batch Exec Agent abatjss 3656/tcp Active Batch Job Scheduler abatjss 3656/udp Active Batch Job Scheduler # Ben Rosenberg January 2003 immedianet-bcn 3657/tcp Immedia Net Beacon immedianet-bcn 3657/udp Immedia Net Beacon # Bill Homan January 2003 can-nds-ssl 3660/tcp IBM Tivoli Directory Service using SSL can-nds-ssl 3660/udp IBM Tivoli Directory Service using SSL can-ferret-ssl 3661/tcp IBM Tivoli Directory Service using SSL can-ferret-ssl 3661/udp IBM Tivoli Directory Service using SSL # Nic Catrambone January 2003 dell-rm-port 3668/tcp Dell Remote Management dell-rm-port 3668/udp Dell Remote Management # Bradley Bransom January 2003 casanswmgmt 3669/tcp CA SAN Switch Management casanswmgmt 3669/udp CA SAN Switch Management # Emre Tunar January 2003 ipr-dglt 3678/tcp Data Guardian LT ipr-dglt 3678/udp Data Guardian LT # Bruce Carlson January 2003 newton-dock 3679/tcp Newton Dock newton-dock 3679/udp Newton Dock npds-tracker 3680/tcp NPDS Tracker npds-tracker 3680/udp NPDS Tracker # Paul Guyot February 2003 kpn-icw 3699/tcp Internet Call Waiting kpn-icw 3699/udp Internet Call Waiting # B. Kortekaas February 2003 lrs-paging 3700/tcp LRS Net Page lrs-paging 3700/udp LRS Net Page # Geoffrey Wossum 14 January 2008 rt-event 3706/tcp Real-Time Event Port rt-event 3706/udp Real-Time Event Port rt-event-s 3707/tcp Real-Time Event Secure Port rt-event-s 3707/udp Real-Time Event Secure Port # Terry Gin March 2003 wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/tcp WV CSP SMS CIR Channel wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/udp WV CSP SMS CIR Channel wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/tcp WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/udp WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel # Jon Ingi Ingimundarson March 2003 xsync 3721/tcp Xsync xsync 3721/udp Xsync xserveraid 3722/tcp Xserve RAID xserveraid 3722/udp Xserve RAID # Bob Bradley March 2003 sychrond 3723/tcp Sychron Service Daemon sychrond 3723/udp Sychron Service Daemon # Robert Marinelli April 2003 vipremoteagent 3752/tcp Vigil-IP Remote Agent vipremoteagent 3752/udp Vigil-IP Remote Agent # Bryan Alvord April 2003 nattyserver 3753/tcp Natty Server Port nattyserver 3753/udp Natty Server Port # Akira Saito July 2003 bfd-control 3784/tcp BFD Control Protocol bfd-control 3784/udp BFD Control Protocol # [RFC5881] bfd-echo 3785/tcp BFD Echo Protocol bfd-echo 3785/udp BFD Echo Protocol # [RFC5881] upstriggervsw 3786/tcp VSW Upstrigger port upstriggervsw 3786/udp VSW Upstrigger port # Mark-Tim Junghanns July 2003 tvnetworkvideo 3791/tcp TV Network Video Data port tvnetworkvideo 3791/udp TV Network Video Data port # Kevin Brunner July 2003 sitewatch 3792/tcp e-Watch Corporation Site Watch sitewatch 3792/udp e-Watch Corporation Site Watch # John M.