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The fear of taking the plunge with someone, either because of rejection or it going wrong, is all there, but seems worth it all the same.You're not going to spend 20 minutes picking a song, or worse, making a last-second playlist."Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" is a popular song written by Harry Noble and originally performed by Karen Chandler in 1952.It has been re-recorded several times since then, with the most notable covers being by Mel Carter in 1965 and by Gloria Estefan in 1994.Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me was performed by She and Him and is featured on their fourth album Volume 3, in 2013.

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Besides, what other song would you want playing while you stand, arms outstretched, at the front of an ocean liner?

Although the 23-year-old would like to find that special someone, she has found herself inundated with hundreds of messages a week, many of which range from the downright bizarre to the utterly obscene.

She has since created a Tumblr account called Theyreallysaidthis, where she posts the most vile and odd pick-up attempts. For those who have spent hours painstakingly trying to put together an online dating profile, Lauren has a golden rule: avoid cliches like the plague.

Julie Newmar, a fragment of Johnny Mathis' recording backs an internal summit point.

Lauren is now officially one of New York's most eligible bachelorettes after she was crowned the most popular woman on OKCupid, an online dating site.