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It’s an adventure that never ends.a membership only channel specialized in music from all genders, from American to German and Indian, music from all over the world to please our different culture audience.Most clips are oldies past women music groups which are hard to find, exclusive only in Miami TV.a membership only channel specialized in the best resorts and hotels in the a live interactive show produced by Enrique Benzoni, that is broadcast by Miami TV in "spanglish" from Monday to Wednesday at 10pm E. Its positive message inspires people from all around the world and of all ages. It’s a transgressional show that was the first to break the rules of regular TV.It was then launched internationally and locally in channel 8 SF.It features all the hottest places in events and people of Miami.We were the first company to broadcast live shows internationally without involving other third parties.We are renowned for being the first company to be transgressional, yet promoting positive lifestyles.

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This program is perfect for tourists to review as an introduction and guide before they visit Miami.

From beaches, to sports places, to racetracks, to lounges, to restaurants, to fairs, and a plethora of other fascinating attractions, it has a limitless ability to portray Miami as it really is. Recorre su bello país de México viajando por los lugares más exuberantes y exóticos para compartirlo con aquellos que quieran algún día visitar.

Vilho and his wife travel around the world as a living and share it with the rest of us so we can experience the culture, rareness, excitement and diversities every Country has to offer.

From erupting volcanoes to exotic food and beautiful views, some very humble places and some of the world’s richest.