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A view of the left side of the generator compartment showing the unique method of mounting the stacked tone generators. Oil put in these cups is distributed throughout the tone generators.

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A view of the right rear side of the console showing the primary stack, the tubing and below that the preset setting panel and the tone generators. Note the stacked oiling cups in the center of the picture.

The next section down contains the stacked chorus and main generators with the chorus on top.

In the lower section you see the player vacuum pump, the organ preamp (to left of large wheel) and the swell pedal expression box below that.

This plate mounted on the outside of the rear of the console clearly indentifies the organ first as an Aeolian then as a Hammond. Note also the manufacturer, The Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company.

A view of the top portion of the Leslie 30A speaker.

Hammond organ serial number dating