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Sean ‘Jinx’ Pace Artist Sometimes I think that Jinx has biodiesel for blood, bones of rebar and a heart made out of used car parts.

If there is one man who personifies the ideals of this project, it’s him. His brain is equal parts mad scientist and third-grade class clown.

For most people, the first things that spring to mind when they think of searching through dumpsters or wading through junkyards are homelessness, desperation and disgust.

But for those who engage in a scavenger subculture, wordplay takes a very different form: opportunity, art, resourcefulness, community and waste reduction are just some of the positive images that may pop up.

Although it wasn’t working, he knew he could get good money just for the parts.

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Within a few days, they sent out a team of repairmen to Will’s house and fixed the TV free of charge.

I am a surgeon operating on the problem of over-consumption and non-creativity.” William Addy Dumpster Diver / e Bay Hustler Will has been one of my best friends for almost half of my life. There’s just nothing like huddling inside a dumpster to build a friendship.

His involvement with the underground hardcore music scene introduced him to the scavenger lifestyle.

Photographer Mike Belleme has always been drawn to outliers who find ways to live outside the system.

Here, he meets the dumpster-diving treasure-hunters who have found a way to survive - and thrive - by reusing what society has cast off as trash.