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Another intention of the site is to provide accurate historical data related to Patuone and his times.There are, unfortunately, many errors on the public record (including the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography and Te Ara) and in the minds of many.Many are on metal plates (tintypes) and others are ambrotypes and calotypes.Early photographic processes were highly challenging and yet another reason why these images are so important.

Patuone (c.1764-1872) was the last of the great (Europeans) and seen his country and his people changed forever.

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The photographic collection includes images dating from before 1850, thus pre-dating the development of wet-plate photography and later emulsion papers.

was used by Patuone in response to a taunt from Heke during the campaigns in the Ohaeawai, Te Ahuahu and Okaihau regions of Taiamai.

As the forces of Patuone and Nene drew near, Heke perceived that they were few in number, a mere 100 compared with his own force of some 800.