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The images document a wide array of activities at WCSU and are arranged in seven major groups: Administration, Buildings & Grounds, Events, Faculty & Staff, Student Life, Negatives & Contact Sheets, and Slides. Roman to lead methods class in history research; Nov 15, 1984: Moliere's Tartuffe by the Communications and Theatre Arts Department; Nov 19,20, 1984: Dr. Lu, and student Michael Wiggs to study evolution of stars in Chile; Dec 19, 1984: Nathan Ancell's business ethics class; Dec 24, 1984: Few being enticed into teaching despite incentives; Dec 24, 1984: Dr.

The images within each group are listed alphabetically and then chronologically. Walter Bernstein designed superintendent-in-residence program; Nov 23, 1984: Assoc. Jan Henson Dow chosen one of four finalists for the 1985 National Play Award of ,500; Nov 24, 1984: WCSU Chaplain Dr. Nov 3, 1984: Running backs Dave Atkinson, Scott Haney and Mike Megura featured; Nov 10, 1984: Football coaching staff growth/staff photograph; Nov 17, 1984: Harry Hyra, traveling basketball consultant; Nov 18, 1984: West Conn men open with hoop victory. Mel Goldstein to make movie on maritime meteorology; Dec 30, 1984: Virginia Steinkrauss, wife of Phillip Steinkrauss, interview.

Jul 5, 1984: WCSU offers new master's in business of science; Jul 5, 1984: 600 political science books donated to Haas Library by Prudential-Bache Securities; Jul 5,6,19, 1984: Richard H. Aug 5,8,13, 1984: Richard Moryl's "The Golden Phoenix; Aug 5, 1984: Candlewood Playhouse seeks comback; Aug 7, 1984: 11% tuition hike for state; Aug 22,24,25,27, 1984: Padanaram firefighters 100th b/day; Aug 22,31, 1984: WCSU offers two master's degrees in health care undergrads; Aug 24, 1984: WCSU continues its expansion; Aug 26, 1984: Ives memorial takes shape.Other Alumni have donated diplomas (circa 1910), dance cards, event programs, registration cards, teacher evaluations, commencement programs, school song sheets, and memory books. Haig, Jr., speaker, Union Carbide Cororation Lecture Series; Oct 19, 1985: Rabbi Jerome R. Phillip Lu and WCSU's new 16-inch reflector telescope.Mortimer Johnson donated large amounts of information regarding the reunions of the DTC classes from 1940-1943 as well as a scrapbook of student life from 1936-1939. Dec 17, 1985: Future teachers don't do too well on new skill tests; Dec 19, 1985: Ellen and Jamie Prunty interview; "Dec 29, 1985: WCSU becoming more selective in accepted students; Dec 30, 1985: Joan Apple Leomoine becomes dean of Student Affairs.The WCSU Miscellanea collection contains several pieces of alumni and student work and various pieces that had decorated West Conn facilities. Jun 5, 1986: Teacher prep plan wins approval from State Board of Education; Jun 8, 1986: MBA degree divides universities (West Conn/Uconn); Jun 24, 1986: Bio-chemistry Lab dedication (Boehringer-Ingleheim).The series includes large panel oil paintings of famous individuals, sculpture, and a framed needlepoint replica of the Gilbert Stewart portrait of George Washington. Jul 1, 1986: Bart Henderson designed device to link the campus and weather station computers; Jul 25, 1986: Eric Lewis/Manhattan String Quartet and travel to Russia; Jul 27, 1986: WCSU summer program to update teachers on bio-technology trends; Jul 28, 1986: WCSU's Economic Club and Western's Economic Journal; Jul 29, 1986: Prof.