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This is how my mom always was, a feisty one, slightly overbearing. Please accept my apologies." I got up and walked with her arm in arm to the doorway. Those are all I've seen you in recently." "I promise to dress well. "See you then." She said in a sort of breathy voice. And please wear something better than those sweatpants. She then moved towards me and kissed me on the cheek, which I can't remember her ever doing before."So is this how you're going to spend your Friday night? A documentary was on with animals in the wild aggressively mating. These weren't thoughts I'd envisioned myself having, and I felt disgusted with myself for having them. My mind was racing out of control for the rest of the night, and before I went to sleep, I masturbated a couple more times to the thought of fucking her. I spent most of the afternoon doing push-ups and sit-ups, and as evening approached, I showered, shaved, and put on a well-ironed pair of black dress slacks, Armani wingtips, and light blue button down polo shirt.

"No, I'm fine, mom." I grabbed her hand down from my forehead and held it in mine. Still, she has a pretty face and has always kept in shape over the years.

Mom didn't even look at him, sniffed the roses, and put them down on the counter inside, next to the front door, underneath the large family holiday portrait. "Don't wait up." She said to dad, without making eye contact. "See you later, dad." I said, waved bye him, and walked off with mom.

Dad just stood on the front porch staring awkwardly.

That annoying chime sound rang out and brought back bad memories. It was definitely one of the several motivating factors in me finishing high school early and leaving home at seventeen.

But so was my overbearing mother and here I was coming back home, ready to take her out on something of a date. When mom opened up the door, I lost my breath for a second.